Quad Kids Athletics Competition

The Quad Kids Athletics Competition was held at the Green School on Friday 13th of May from 1-3pm.

Four schools took part in the competition - The Blue, St Mary's, Worple and Isleworth Town.  The children competed in 4 disciplines - Vortex throwing, Standing Long Jump, 75m sprint and 600m long distance run.

The Blue School children all showed a great effort and enjoyed the afternoon.

Special Mentions:

Ben - 1st  Vortex

Noah - 6th 600m run

Girls 600m run; Maja 2nd, Grace 3rd, Sam 4th and Yarna 6th

The top two teams qualify for the borough competition in June and we are pleased to say the Blue School team have qualified.

Michelle Hunt

Brentford Sports Day

Thursday 5th May, 10 children from year 4 participated in an annual sports day along with 46 other schools from the Hounslow borough. There were a series of six indoor athletic events that each group took part in. The Blue School won five out of the six events in their group, which secured them a place in the semi-final. They came third in the semi-final, which was not quite enough to see them through to the final.

Overall, The Blue School came 5th out of 46 schools!

There was a tremendous atmosphere throughout the day and the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. More importantly, the children demonstrated great sportsmanship by supporting other teams and showed great respect towards the winning competitors. As always, the children were a great credit to our school.

Amanda Lynch, Senior Manager, The Blue School

Football Tournament January 2016

A team of 9, Year 5 and 6 girls participated in a football tournament against 16 other schools. The schools were split into 4 groups and each group played against three other schools.
The Blue School were the only team to win all of their matches in their group. We scored an amazing total of 7 goals during our three matches; this was enough to secure us a place in the quarter finals.
Adrenaline started to kick in, as did excitement. We would never have predicted the nail biting end to our quarter final match. A 0-0 draw forced us into a penalty shootout that we won!
In the semi-finals, tiredness really began to creep in. The girls continued to attack and the defence remained strong. In the last few minutes we dropped our guard and conceded a goal! Unfortunately, this sent us out! Nonetheless, we still had one more game to play for the decider of 3rd and 4th position. Our goal keeper remained on top form, as did the rest of the team. We finished with a draw and another penalty shootout! After a second round of penalties we were not giving up! We won on penalties leaving us with an overall finishing position of 3rd place.
The girls played exceptionally well throughout the afternoon. The skills they demonstrated were commented on by all. They remembered everything they were taught in their training and showed a secure understanding of the main rules and various tactics needed to win their games. The two coaches, Mr Jones and Mr Gregory, were very proud of all the girls for their huge efforts throughout the whole tournament.

Indoor Athletics Competition January 2016

11 children from Year 5/6 participated in an indoor athletics competition at Gumley House, School for Girls. Four schools took part in a variety of field and track events. Results were recorded for each school and the overall winner and runner up went through to the borough finals. The field events consisted of, javelin, speed bounce, vertical, long and triple jump. The track events ranged from running 1,2, and 3 laps in teams of two to four children. The Blue School team demonstrated great sportsmanship and put a huge amount of effort into all their individual events. Overall the team performed very well.
The results were as follows:
1st St Mary's 132 points
2nd Isleworth Town 114 points
3rd Blue School 110 points
4th Worple School 84 points

Netball Competition January 2016

A team of 8 girls and boys participated in a cluster High 5 Netball Competition against seven other teams.
We played three matches in our group.

  • The first match we won 2-0 against Worple School
  • The second match we won 4-0 against St Mary’s School
  • The final match in our group, we won 1-0 against Ivy Bridge A Team

This secured us a place in the Semi-finals against the runners up of Group B, Ivybridge B Team; this game we won 7-0!
After not conceding a single goal throughout the whole tournament, the team approached the final, against Worple A Team, with great confidence. The overall winning score was 2-0 to us!
This exceptional afternoon has meant that the Blue School were the overall winners of the cluster tournament and will be competing at the Borough Finals on the 1st March.
All players showed an exceptionally high level of skill and determination. They demonstrated outstanding teamwork and sportsmanship, which inevitably is a reflection of their overall success!

Year 5/6 Football Cluster Competition

On 8th February 2017 The Blue School football team played a couple of matches against other schools.

Our first game was challenging with both teams playing some great football. Amari did some fantastic saves to stop Ivybridge from scoring. Dylan was our captain and he played very well. Limbani did some great tackling but neither Archie D nor Cass could score. The match was drawn 0-0.

Our second game was a difficult one: Isleworth Town were much stronger on the ball than us and we didn't pass the ball as well as we could. Our support play was good especially with Joe and Freddie. Joe and Archie B very nearly scored with some great shots but we lost 2-0.

Our last match was against our biggest rivals, St Mary's. Alex was a great defender. Nathan did some great passing and Joshua dominated midfield and as a team this was our best performance of the day. We had lots of opportunities but we couldn't score. The match ended 0-0.

We all had a fun day playing some fantastic football and representing the school.

by Archie D Y6