Houses of Parliament

    On 18th December 2017, the school Debating Club are visiting the Houses of Parliament in Westminster. It is where the Government makes important decisions for the country. There are two houses: The House of Commons and The House of Lords. The House of Commons is where the Government and Opposition are based and The House of Lords is where people who have not been elected - often Lords – alter and look over laws. One of the most noticeable differences between the two houses is that The House of Commons has green seats and The House of Lords has red seats.

    There are two main political parties and a few smaller ones. Every 5 years (or sooner) there is a General Election to see who gets into Parliament. The two main parties are the Conservatives and the Labour Party. Other parties include The Liberal Democrats, The Green Party, UKIP, Plaid Cymru, DUP and Scottish National Party. The party that is currently in power is the Conservatives and the Prime Minister is Theresa May. The MP for our local constituency is Ruth Cadbury from Labour.

    The tour will include a look inside a Public Gallery to observe the MPs or Lord at work, a visit to the House of Commons and/or The House of Lords and finally we will have a private meeting with Ruth Cadbury herself. We will be shown around by a tour guide. We will see the Central Lobby, at the very heart of the Parliamentary Estate and Westminster Hall, the only remaining part of the original Palace.

    As the Debating Club we are very interested in politics and the decisions that are made which will affect our country so this is a very exciting trip for us. Last year the Debating Club went to the Guardian and Observer headquarters. We wrote a front page article and were given strict deadlines. As a pair, we produced an eye-catching piece of work which is displayed in the School Library. Now we are going on the second Debating Club trip.

    The Debating Club meet at 3:30 on a Tuesday afternoon. We are team of Year 5 and 6s who discuss and of course, debate, world issues, politics and pretty much everything. Last year we performed a debate in front of the whole of the school about whether there should be more or the same amount of Physical Education. The team that was proposing the motion of more P.E. won (they were voted by the school). Also we did a general election in which ‘The Equality Party’ won. We learn skills of reasoning and persuasion and use them to our advantage when debating. We watch the news at the beginning of every session and discuss it. We have all been selected by Mrs. Sharp (the Gifted & Talented co-ordinator) hence it is by invitation only.

    So we will write a report of the trip after the event. We are both very excited and we’ll hopefully learn lots of new things about British Politics.