Hounslow Primary Sports Day Team

     Hounslow Primary Sports Day Team


    On Tuesday 13th November 2018,10 Blue School representatives from years 5 and 6 went to Cranford Community College to represent our school at a Hounslow primary sports day.

    Our Team:

    Sonny, Maggie (5A), Isaiah, Ruby (5S), Lily, Nishan, Daisy (6C), Malachi, Alex, Netra (6R)

    Our Activities:

    • Running with a rugby ball
    • Balancing a tennis ball on a tennis racket
    • Dribbling a football ball
    • Running and jumping over hurdles
    • Relay

    And many more amazing activities…

    Our achievements:

    As a team we came first in Football,Hockey and Rugby.

    We came second in the hurdles and relay and in all the other fantastic events we came 3rd.

    Most importantly we won the sportsmanship award the trophy for fair play. We also came second overall in our group.

    We enjoyed ourselves the most in the relay as we tried our hardest and put in our best effort .

    Our accompanying teachers, Ms Callendar, Mrs Picotti and Mrs Baker also received a mention for their supportive cheering!

    Written by Nishan and Netra (Year 6)