We employ high calibre teachers who bring with them enthusiasm and love for their job. All teachers are encouraged to constantly review their teaching and develop their classroom skills.

Each class receives considerable additional support from classroom assistants and voluntary parental helpers.

The school also has an experienced team of administrators who ensure the smooth-running of the school, the welfare of the pupils and effective communication with parents and the wider community.

Senior Management Team


 Phase Leaders
EYFS  Marie Davies
KS1  Rosie Saxe
LKS2  Michelle Hunt
UKS2  Sarah Jones


 English and Literacy Sarah Jones
 Mathematics & Numeracy Rosie Saxe
 Science Michelle Hunt
 Religious Education Daisy Muir
 Physical Education Sarah Tyerman
 Computing & Online Safety 
 History and GeographyKella Callender
 PHSEOrla Hoban
 Design TechnologyMichelle Hunt
 MusicPaula Jones
 French Louise Cowley
 ArtSarah Cheung/Joanna Western
 SafeguardingPeter Hammer
 SENMarcus Guy
 Pupil PremiumKella Callendar
 Sports PremiumSarah Tyerman
 Gifted and TalentedJessica Mann
 Extended SchoolsSarah Tyerman
 Professional Mentor (Students)Marie Davies
 Eco-SchoolsMarie Davies
 School CouncilPeter Hammer
 Debating ClubSarah Jones
 Blues NewsLizzie Watkins
 Dance ClubRosie Saxe
 ChoirPaula Jones


Teaching Staff 2018/19



Year 6 Redwood

Mr P Hammer

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Old

Year 6 1:1 Support

Mrs S Baker

Year 6 Cedar

Mr J Kelly

Teaching Assistant

Mrs J Merry

Year 5 Sycamore

Miss K Callender

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Winchester

Year 5 Ash

Miss S Jones

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Picotti

Year 5 1:1 Support

Mrs K Garrod

Year 4 Beeches

Miss N Wilkinson/ Miss J Mann

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Lonergan

Year 4 Willows

Mrs M Hunt

Teaching Assistant

Mrs S Wyzlic

Year 3 Elms

Miss A Calvert/Mr M Guy

Teaching Assistant

Mrs B Mugosa

Year 3 Oaks

Miss D Muir

Teaching Assistant

Mrs K Hassan

Year 3 1:1 Support

Mrs J Bennett

Year 2 Zebras

Miss S Tyerman

Teaching Assistant

Ms H Sakhi

Year 2 1:1 Support

Mrs R Harrison

Year 2 Pandas

Miss R Saxe

Teaching Assistant

Mrs V Parker

Year 1 Otters

Miss O Hoban

Teaching Assistant

Mrs A Perkins

Year 1 Rabbits

Miss E Watkins

Teaching Assistant

Mrs C Couch

Reception Giraffes

Mrs S Cheung (2.5 days)
Ms J Western(3 days)

Teaching Assistant

Miss F Moon

Reception Kangaroos

Miss M Davies

Nursery Nurse

Mrs H Langley

Nursery Teacher

Mrs R Bhatarah

Nursery Teaching Assistant

Mrs M Guyett


Mr M Guy

SEN Support Administrator

Ms J McLoughlin

Music Teacher

Mrs P Jones

Music Specialists


- Violin

Mrs M Gibbs

- Guitar

Mr A Oliver

- Brass

Ms T Cowell

- French

Miss L Cowley


Support Staff



Senior Administrator

Mrs D Sayer

Finance Officer

Mrs R Barton

IT Technician

Mr B Rana

Welfare / Administrative Assistant

Ms J McLoughlin


Mrs M Reeves

Project Co-ordinator / Website Manager

Mrs W Seccombe


Mr J Humby

Relief Caretaker

Mr W Needham

Senior SMSA

Mrs A Perkins


Mrs A Tolfree


Mrs K Garrod


Mrs A Winchester


Mrs B Mugosa


Ms R Kuncheva


Mrs A Ferao


Mrs M Lushaj


Ms H Stallwood


Mrs J Pearman

 Relief SMSA

Mrs Molly Khandan-Nia

 Relief SMSA